Monday, June 4, 2012

Returning soon...

I'm currently re-reading The Intention Economy... and will have a bunch to post as soon as I complete that read.

Be on the lookout for reviews, questions, and content pertaining to this futuristic look at online technology.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Ok, I understand the premise now.

Basically, customers... through a natural process, will get tired of being "captured" by marketers.  Doc then presents the idea that we will (as customers, or "we") somehow bring our own means of selecting vendors to the marketplace, instead of the other way around.

So, when we want to buy something, we will tell the market, and vendors compete for our dollar.

I think Doc might have too high of an opinion that the average customer will be able to manage their own means of doing so... unless that means were very easy to use.

But he also suggests "agents" who will execute this process declaring Intention for the customer.  This makes more sense, although it brings me back to the question I asked in the Prologue post.  Will the customer be willing to trust another "data storage" person with their data?  Facebook has already violated privacy... Google does the same at times... so how could this be any different?

Time will tell.

It's easy to assume, I think, that we can somehow begin this transformation... but there are a LOT of changes that must take place to make the Intention Economy a reality.  Let's see what Doc presents next...

Question From The Prologue

Will customers want to do this?

Will they want to store their data in some form to report they want to buy something?  Privacy concerns?

Will some stupid data vendor get greedy and want to sell the information?  Because if this happens once, it's all over IMO.